Friday 21 January 2011

Painting the translucent resin.( video demo).

Here's a video demo i managed to record of my painting proccess on the bat resin bust. Not the best demo but i tryed :)
I used acrylics deluted with AZAX (glass cleaner) and a combination of regular brushes with airbrush.
I didn't put  5 min clear epoxy on the eyes or veins with the airbrush but i will in an other video.


  1. Awesome mate,
    Ill be studying this vid, and will send you an image of the result on my work... if its not too crappy:)
    Thanks again!

  2. A couple of questions:
    what is the brush on powder you use in the beginning?
    And what exactly is AZAX? is it a spirit? or is it a detergent? It may be called something else here.

  3. It's not a powder. It's deluted acrylics in Azax.
    Azax is similar to windex. Maybe you've heard of it.

  4. hey whats the music playing in the video?

  5. Hi Aris,

    I just recently got turned on to your fantastic work by Scott Whitworth at Wonderfest. Great stuff man! I'm interested in your 8 week class. What's that going to cost?

    Also, regarding this video, do you 'prime' the kit before painting? Since it is translucent, I imagine you wouldn't use a regular primer.