Monday 19 September 2011

Dunkleosteous based sculpt.

Here's my version of an extinct huge fish predator.:) Heavily based on the "Dunkleosteous " species.
Still in progress , I'll post more angles later. It's about 30 cm long,


  1. Wonderful work, the head is really nice!

  2. Love it. Beautifully sculpted and the whole shape is put s0 perfectly in scene. Is this monster clay or sculpey?

  3. Thanks guys!! I used Chavant NSP medium for this one.

    1. Hey aris, do you work with chavant while it's hard or do you have to warm it up/work in an already warm environment?

    2. Hi Mark, i always heat up chavant clay when i'm blocking out a piece. Once i'm happy with the basic forms then i want it hard so i can go in and carve secondary forms and details. I use the medium grade so it's always a little too hard for me to play with the shapes while i'm starting the sculpt.

  4. So cool, Aris!
    Been writing a script lately that involves the dunkleosteus.(fossils of it have been found in a valley here in the Cleveland, Ohio area where I live.) Yours has a great, artistic 'flair'!
    Love it!