Wednesday 9 March 2011

Some creature updates.

I worked a bit more on the latest 2 pieces i have on the table these days. Here are some more pics.
I made upper and lower sets of teeth and gums with sculpey separetly and baked them. I'll remove them for molding and sculpt a few more detailed sets on the resin cast.
I used Monster clay for both of them.
Thanks for looking ;)


  1. Love these, the main creatuire really reminds me of this from Tobe Hooper's LIFEFORCE :)

  2. Crazy cool stuff! Your a very talented sculptor. Do you sell any of the pieces you make?
    And the you use, monster clay, is it a wed clay or a non drying oil based clay?

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  4. Monster Clay is a non-drying oil based clay that is hard at room temp but softens easily with heat. it is also very elastic.