Friday 25 March 2011

Various pics .

 Here are some more pictures of past work ect. Since i don't have anything new to post.

Cyril Roquelaine sculpted this body for one of my previous small orc type busts.I'm loving where he's going with it!Looking forward to see the finished piece Cyril!;)
Gillman commission sculpt.

 Silicone mini bust.


  1. Its always a pleasure to stop by and get a glimpse of your world!

    Even though I am not into creature models.. I have to say that, in contrast to most modelers I have seen, your work is not only AMAZING.. but there is hardly any repetition in it! All your characters are so unique!

    Thanks for sharing :)


    p.s. The silicone mini bust of the old ummmm (not sure how to call her/him).. anyways LOVE it!!!! "Granny" boobs always make me smile!!

  2. great Aris, and promise I'm finishing our model!!!! can't wait to see your paint on it. ;)

  3. That Gillman is awesome, as is the rest of your work !!! Keep it up !!!